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Be it an extravagant event, an ad for your property, monitoring your construction project or for a large scale development planning, our aerial photography and videography services are a blessing. With top class drones, equipments and skilled workforce to guide you, we stand for quality and trust!


Drone Engineering & Pilot Training

We offer training on how to operate the latest technology drones and how to pilot them, right from the basic level. With our drone camera technology, we will teach them how to make the best use of aerial photography along with filming using the equipment. It is a 40 hour duration course that covers topics.



We specialize in producing sophisticated 2D and 3D digital elevation models and topographical maps. Our drones capture high-resolution three dimensional terrain measurements with accuracy and precisions. We use the latest data acquisition and processing technologies to generate detailed reports.



High definition drone videos make way for real-time identification of potential problems through cost-effective automated surveillance and monitoring of areas that are difficult to reach like drilling rigs, oil pipe-lines, aircraft wings etc. Drones can easily fly close to bridges, buildings and other infrastructure to capture any signs of wear or even the smallest weaknesses that normally fo undetectable when using conventional methods.



Aerial Photography/Videography is used to create more dynamic and compelling images and videos. The professional aerial photographers make use of ready-to-fly aerial drones to capture mind-blowing shots by combining GPS programmed flight paths with automatic camera targeting. Know More



You are in for a treat with our Virtual reality drone cameras. Breaking all kinds of barriers, point at the direction and our drones will fly through the air covering a panoramic vision of your view right from where you are standing.


Property Tours

Wondering how to cover the nooks and corners of your enormous property? Our 2D and 3D digital elevation modelled drones will do the job for you at ease. Compact in size with GPS programmed flight paths, you can now use a panoramic view to showcase your site!


Repair Service Of Drones

We extend our services to even repair and fixing services of drones. Our well trained and technical skilled UAV engineers are experts in the technicality of drones and can fix any damage done to them.